Inspiration: Contemporary Cabin

Summon a soothing sense of serenity in your home with everhome's exclusive Contemporary Cabin collection.
The sensation of pure bliss, serenity, and escape: sweet, salty air swirling around you, silvery modern stone streets kissed with rain, a rustic cabin retreat, the relaxing allure of a Nordic spa weekend. 

That feeling when you’ve left town for a few days, or even a few weeks, and you first step into the place you’ll be staying for a little while. You get a cozy and inviting sense from the rustic farmhouse style of the space. With everhome’s Contemporary Cabin collection of Rigid Core SPC vinyl planks, we’ve carefully designed 3 transformative shades that allow you to feel transported without ever leaving your home. This breezy collection of sandy and light gray shades will have you picturing yourself in a dreamy cabin in the countryside with the warm sunlight streaming through the windows. As the foundation of your space, Rustic Beachwood, London Oak, and Northern Oak will remind anyone of their favorite getaway for years to come. Whether coastal, mountainous, or even at the heart of an old village town, you will quickly find peace and serenity with the Contemporary Cabin collection. 

Rustic Beachwood 
The light sandy shade of Rustic Beachwood is reminiscent of a barefoot walk on the beach at dawn. You can practically smell the salt water, feel the wind on your cheeks, and hear the waves crashing just as you set foot in your new space dressed with Rustic Beachwood. The cool-toned beige is the ideal accent to practically any room in your home, and will have you dreaming of breezy beach days. 

London Oak
London Oak is here to bring a sense of refined elegance to your everyday moments. This exceptional vinyl plank is the essential blend of brown and gray tones that will elevate your space in unimaginable ways. Reminiscent of an ancient stone road, this beautiful medium gray tone, with a highly durable finish, will be the flawless finishing touch to any home. Just like a poetic verse that warms your heart, London Oak will create a warm and inviting space for anyone to step into. 

Northern Oak
everhome's bespoke Northern Oak shade evokes a relaxing Nordic retreat. Its subdued shade of gray will immediately bring a minimalist and spa allure to your space - where wellness, mindfulness, and peace of mind come together. Its swirling smoky tones resemble a soft cloud of steam. Create a haven with this neutral floor shade and bring a sense of Hygge to your days spent there. The beautiful light gray shade is an on-trend neutral, but it also timeless enough that it will complement a changing aesthetic. With everhome Northern Oak, everyday in your home can be a serene oasis all your own. 

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