Inspiration: Roman Holiday

everhome's exclusive Roman Holiday collection will bring a classic touch to any space in your home.

Ornate architecture at every turn, multi-colored Vespas traversing the cobblestone avenues, charming cafes blanketing the sidewalks, sunny walks through an Italian vineyard, the warm orange blush of a countryside villa.

Allow everhome to turn your everyday into an exciting journey with Roman Holiday. With this unique collection of Rigid Core SPC luxury vinyl featuring rich shades of brown and tan, you will feel as though you have been transported to a sundrenched European locale. Sitting at your kitchen island or cozying up on your couch with fresh new floors in Napa Oak, Tahoe Brown, or Mountain Oak shades can feel like its own international excursion. This truly cinematic collection, inspired by the gorgeous cities and countryside of old-world Europe, is filled with classic hues that will fit flawlessly with the style of any home.  

Napa Oak
Reminiscent of the bright, sunny streets of a Mediterranean destination, this natural tan is the perfect foundation to build your home upon. Its light tan variations evoke the winding cobblestone streets and sunbaked buildings of an Etruscan village. You will be fully transported and feeling the energy of la dolce vita when you glide across this crisp, warm shade. With buttery golden tones and the look of natural wood knotting, this flooring gives any space a bright, organic feel. 

Tahoe Brown:
This shade is the essential neutral-brown floor. It will match seamlessly with every element of your home, while evoking the gorgeous agrarian energy of wine country. This superb brown shade was inspired by an exquisite vineyard setting -- a winding trellis of grape-bearing vines, grand rolling hills, and the stunning rich soil under your feet. The unique shifts in tone and natural-looking wood knotting of Tahoe Brown are designed to resemble stunning, sundrenched tree trunks. This classic, yet unique, brown flooring will be the ideal complement to the aesthetic of any home.

Mountain Oak: 
This intense deep brown shade conjures vivid images of a delicious shot of espresso or the delicate dusting of cocoa powder on top of a luscious tiramisu. The dark chocolaty finish and striking wood tones of this shade are also emblematic of the stunning exposed timber beams of a countryside villa. This flooring awakens a sense of modernity and elegance in a space, and brings a completely new ambiance to the room, while also remaining neutral enough to let your décor and style be the star. 

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