Inspiration: Emerald Estate

Bring a new found sense of opulence to your outdoor space with everhome's Emerald Estate collection of artificial grass.
Hornbeam hedges, clipped and trimmed to perfection, towering Corsican pines, opulent baroque stone statues, overflowing beds of multi-colored flowers, plush perfect grass beneath your feet.  

The perfectly manicured green lawn year-round you've always dreamt of can become your reality by using our Emerald Estate artificial grass collection. Influenced by the refined and flawless gardens of a palatial manor, these two luxurious artificial grass products will transform your current outdoor setting into an exquisite stately paradise.  

The versatile and extraordinary Veranda artificial grass is exactly what every home needs to create an immaculate outdoor setting. One of the many uses for our product is right in the name – Veranda. Its sleek, bright green blades and plush feel will elevate your outdoor space. Turn any drab patio into a gorgeous new space inspired by the verandas of revivalist Mission style architecture. The way the light catches each dazzling green shade of Veranda artificial grass will have you wondering why you waited so long to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Aspen Lush
everhome’s Aspen Lush artificial grass offering will accompany any outdoor space flawlessly. Let Aspen Lush take your worries away and transport you to a majestic mountain estate with immaculate forests and impeccable grass. If you desire a bright green, perfect lawn year-round, without the headache of upkeep, this fantasy can be turned into a reality with everhome artificial grass. Aspen Lush’s ultra-plush feel and multi-dimensional green blades can make your lawn a majestic oasis for years to come.   

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