Napa Oak: Jessica Doll

Napa Oak

See how @Jessicadoll updated this lovely farmhouse home with Napa Oak. 

Buttery golds, soft tans and browns define this luxurious neutral. everhome’s Napa Oak Rigid Core SPC vinyl is an updated take on a classic beige flooring.

What we love about Napa Oak:

  • Timeless. Napa Oak is a traditional oak tan that will stand the test of time – both in terms of style and durability

  • Warm. The tones and shades of Napa Oak are warm and welcoming – ensuring it will liven up your space.

  • Versatile. Napa Oak was uniquely designed to complement a myriad of spaces. It can match with almost any furniture, fixture, or cabinet, ensuring it is the perfect fit no matter your unique aesthetic.

Timeless. Warm. Versatile. 

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