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13 Creative Uses for Artificial Grass

Brighten your life with everhome artificial grass!

Artificial grass doesn’t just belong on the lawn anymore – experience the rich, multifaceted, multipurpose world of everhome artificial grass! We don't believe in limiting the use of our products to the boring and mundane. Our artificial grass can be used for far more than the traditional use of outfitting your lawn. Explore this article and discover all of the creative ways everhome artificial grass can be integrated into your life to make it a bit brighter!

Begin with the Basics

  • Balcony/patio: You don't need a large lawn to devise your own oasis. Smartly utilize the outdoor space you do have, and transform your current patio or balcony into a beautiful green paradise with a layer of plush artificial grass. Creating a chic and comfortable outdoor space is vital for your day-to-day, as well as perfect for entertaining. Feel the bright morning sunrise dazzle your senses as you grip a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, or sip crisp champagne beneath the stars with friends, all while your feet are gliding across soft, luxurious everhome grass. With some cozy outdoor seating, a few colorful plants, and everhome grass cushioning your every step, you'll never want to go back inside.
  • Pool/hot tub: We've all heard it - no running around the pool. That message of warning does not always stop rambunctious children or pets from taking Olympic-style sprints around your aquatic set-up. Take some of your worries away by installing everhome artificial grass around your pool or hot tub. everhome grass will help to create an elevated non-slip surface, so your future gold medalists will make it to the finish line without injury.
  • Pet-grass: Man's best friend deserves a taste of everhome as well. With everhome artificial grass, your beloved pet can have a little space all their own! Use a piece to create an area where they can play, use the bathroom, and roam in peace. With easy-to-clean blades and an odor-resistant backer, you'll feel at ease knowing you won't have any clean-up headaches.
  • Camouflage: Everyone has that one annoying brown patch of grass that refuses to transform, no matter how many hours you spend attempting to tend to it. We get it - you've tried it all. Never fear - everhome artificial grass is here to be the fairy godmother to that stubborn eye-sore, and blanket it in bright green beauty that lasts long after midnight. 

Bring the Brightness Indoors

  • Home Gym: Create a welcoming space for your next home work-out by installing artificial grass in your home gym. It will make your space feel ultra-professional, luxe, and desirable on those mornings when you have to drag yourself to the treadmill. 
  • Game room: Who doesn't want to have the "cool" house on the block? Make your house the go-to entertainment zone by putting artificial grass in your game room. The kids will love having an "outdoor" space inside for playing. As well, the ever inevitable soda-spills are a breeze to clean off the surface of the grass compared to the stylish white carpet you thought would be a great idea.
  • Indoor Landscaping: Bring the garden indoors by completing some indoor landscaping with everhome artificial grass. The bright green blades will instantly make your space more welcoming and calming. Integrate in some more colorful flowers and plants, and everyday in your home will feel like a Spring morning stroll through the garden. 
  • Wall: Create an entirely unique indoor setting by installing artificial grass on your wall. Use it as a an accent wall to bring just a touch of green to your space and liven up any room. 

Elegant Entertaining

  • Table-scapes: Unleash your inner Martha Stewart or Ina Garten and create glorious table settings with artificial grass. Your garden party guests will marvel at your decorating abilities. Take to Pinterest to find some really killer ideas - or let your own artistry flow. Artificial grass can be used as a unique table-runner, placemats, or bust out the glue gun and scissors and really get creative - make sure to share with us what you create! #everhome
  • Crafts: Similar to above, let your creativity flow with a myriad of other crafts involving artificial grass. Help your kids with their latest diorama project, or create something for your home. The possibilities are endless!
  • Cushions: Keep your guests comfortable by using a square of artificial grass as a whimsical seat cushion.

The Great Outdoors

  • Tailgating: The jerseys are on, the hot dogs are sizzling, the electric excitement is buzzing through the air - it's game day! Take your next tailgating excursion to the next level by including everhome artificial grass. Throw it into the bed of a truck, or bring it along to put on the ground for a more comfortable hang out spot. 
  • Camping: Create a soft spot to step outside your camper with a patch of artificial grass. Avoid having to step on cement or dirt, place shoes on it, camping chairs, or whatever else you need to make your camping trip a comfortable success. 
  • Picnic: The entire point of a picnic is to glamorously lounge on the ground, but unfortunately for you and your delectable accoutrements, that is where bugs also enjoy lounging. Create an added layer between you and creepy crawling critters by placing a patch of artificial grass beneath your picnic blanket to get the picnic vibe without the party crashers. 

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