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everhome Sample Program

Experience the look and feel of our Rigid Core SPC luxury vinyl and artificial grass before you buy!

Rigid Core SPC Vinyl

Making the right shade/quality selection is crucial for any flooring project as it can significantly improve the look of a given space. For this reason, our flooring experts at everhome have set up a sample program to allow for you to see the product quality, texture, density, and shade before making the purchase.
Compare the sample pieces against your existing cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures. Make sure to examine our flooring in all types of lighting, both day and night, to ensure that the color, tone, and texture are exactly what you desire for your new dream home.
Flooring is often a centerpiece that receives a lot of praise in a home if chosen carefully. Participating in our sample program is a step in the right direction. Select up to 3 shades (only 3 everhome samples total per customer) and have everhome samples at your door in a matter of days.

Artificial Grass

At everhome, we understand the importance of being able to touch & feel a product before you make a purchase, which is why we also offer samples of our exclusive artificial grass sent straight to you.

We offer samples of both our Veranda and Aspen Lush offerings so you can compare the products and select the one that is perfect for you and your needs. When your sample arrives, ensure you feel the plush density of our grass and observe the gorgeous green shades of our blades. Examine the blades in different settings where you may install the grass to see how various lighting affects the tones. Also, be sure to take a look at our mold-proof, perforated backer, which is perfect for easy clean-ups.

Take the first step in reinventing your outdoor space and order samples of Veranda and Aspen Lush today (Only 3 everhome samples total per customer)

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